Extract of the 26 page CARE report with its final conclusion:

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"...Considering the above results and recommendations, CARE thinks that the principle underlying the construction of the watercone is a very good idea which in certain circumstances will prove its worth in the purification or desalination of contaminated or sea water. The watercone has been quickly accepted by the users, is robust and easy to understand and to handle, and the quality of the harvested water is very good. The emergence of the sea as a new source for the easy production of good drinking water is an interesting path for the fishermen villages involved in this operation. If developed further, a solution for water supply in difficult areas on the basis of the watercone is absolutely conceivable.
However, in order to make a final statement about the long term efficiency and sustainability of a watercone-based drinking water supply, CARE recommends further long term testing, involving a larger number of watercones per person, a testing period that covers all seasons of the year and a larger variety of different locations. This would also allow for conclusions regarding the long term acceptance of the watercones and possible solutions for the concerns mentioned above. Also, pilot projects in other parts of the world are recommendable and will return valuable feedback on the settings and conditions under which the use of the watercone will be feasible as an alternative to the generation of potable water on the basis of salt- or brackish water and a substitute for a fix water supply system."

Pictures from the Pilotproject in Yemen Spring 2004.


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